1 Nov 2015     We are pleased to announce that a paper by past symposium speaker Juan Loaiza Restrepo will be published in a forthcoming AISB 2015 Special Issue of Connection Science. More details to come.

12 Sep 2015     We are currently finalising arrangements for a separate Special Issue of Connection Science that will focus exclusively on Embodied Cognition, Acting and Performance, including contributions from past presenters, established members of the field, and the organising committee. In our particular edition, the four branches of radical cognitive science—embodied, embedded, enactive and ecological—will dialogue with performance, with particular focus on post-cognitivist approaches to understanding the embodied mind-in-society; de-emphasising the computational and representational metaphors; and embracing new conceptualisations grounded on the dynamic interactions of “brain, body and world”. In our journal, radical cognitive science will reach out to areas of scholarship also explored in the fields of performance practice and training as we aim to facilitate a new inter- and transdisciplinary discourse in which to jointly share and explore common reactions of embodied approaches to the lived mind. 

Check back to this page for periodic updates as these publications progress. 


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